Case study: Facebook promos for television content

A Storify exploring how to be successful at driving Facebook users to watch television. 

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An MOOC from the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas - registration opened today!


Still, are we using this technology correctly? Is the same tool that rendered the newspaper and the encyclopedia obsolete best used boiled down to its most basic form — context-free images that either drum up outrage or hit any other quick-trigger emotional button? Do we need large-scale Internet education? If we do, how do we reach those who are past the age of traditional, mandated schooling?

Or is this just the way it is now?


Ben Collins, writing in Esquire:

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"(Twitter’s) influence seems due to the fact that it’s popular among influential people and provides energetic reverberation for their thoughts"


It follows that strategically, journalists should use Twitter to consume news and get their content in front of other publishers. Do everything else on Facebook.

Tips for Newsroom Managers from Jim Brady and Callie Schweitzer

I’m sad to that I’m missing ONA13 in Atlanta, but at least I can follow on Twitter. Here’s a wrap-up of a session on newsroom management featuring Time’s Callie Scweitzer and ONA’s Jim Brady. Thanks to Cory O’Donnell for putting this together.

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