Case study: Facebook promos for television content

A Storify exploring how to be successful at driving Facebook users to watch television. 

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This is What an Embedded Getty Photo Looks Like

From The Verge:

Getty Images is dropping the watermark for the bulk of its collection, in exchange for an open-embed program that will let users drop in any image they want, as long as the service gets to append a footer at the bottom of the picture with a credit and link to the licensing page.

The embed is a pretty straightforward iFrame. Below is what an embedded Getty photo looks like. The original dimensions were 594 x 465; I made the iFrame 520 x 407 to fit my column width. One note: Facebook’s og:image tag doesn’t pull the image below for the thumbnail for a share of this post.

An MOOC from the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas - registration opened today!

"(Twitter’s) influence seems due to the fact that it’s popular among influential people and provides energetic reverberation for their thoughts"


It follows that strategically, journalists should use Twitter to consume news and get their content in front of other publishers. Do everything else on Facebook.

What is ‘Local News’? Lessons on Hyperlocal News from Patch


AOL CEO Tim Armstrong is “throwing in the towel” when it comes to Patch, according to The New York Times. I had a debate on Twitter Monday night with some hyperlocal content creators and others about lessons news organizations can learn from Patch. Here’s what they had to say about Patch and more:

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