Case study: Facebook promos for television content

A Storify exploring how to be successful at driving Facebook users to watch television. 

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Still, are we using this technology correctly? Is the same tool that rendered the newspaper and the encyclopedia obsolete best used boiled down to its most basic form — context-free images that either drum up outrage or hit any other quick-trigger emotional button? Do we need large-scale Internet education? If we do, how do we reach those who are past the age of traditional, mandated schooling?

Or is this just the way it is now?


Ben Collins, writing in Esquire:

H/t @julesmattsson and @jonathanhaynes

"(Twitter’s) influence seems due to the fact that it’s popular among influential people and provides energetic reverberation for their thoughts"


It follows that strategically, journalists should use Twitter to consume news and get their content in front of other publishers. Do everything else on Facebook.

Best Practices for Journalists on Facebook

Tips from Facebook’s Brian Neal:

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On Journalism, Values, Porn, World Peace and the Borg; a #WJCHAT Discussion


Above, Saleem Khan. I think.

My recent posts about planning for the world after Facebook led the awesome folks at #wjchat to invite me to host a discussion on the topic Wednesday on Twitter. I love #wjchat; it attracts smart, forward-thinking journalists who are interested in talking about the future of our industry.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to attend much in the past few years. #wjchat is held at 5 p.m. PST, which was around the same time I typically started driving home from San Francisco when I worked at KQED. As a result, I often had to say goodbye after the opening discussion and Q1.

Thankfully, my five-hour round-trip daily commute to San Francisco ended two months ago when I started working at News10 in Sacramento (although I still really miss public media.) I now have more time to participate in professional events, and I was really excited by the opportunity to host #wjchat on Wednesday.

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