UFC Star Urijah Faber takes on News10’s Ryan Yamamoto in a Zeega


Urijah Faber, about to put a whuppin’ on Ryan Yamamoto.

I’m a little jealous of my former colleagues at KQED. They’re getting a first crack at using the apps produced by the startups working with Matter, a San Francisco-based accelerator that KQED is helping to fund. That includes the storytelling tool Zeega, which allows users to use audio, images and animated GIFs in a slideshow-like presentation. KQED Pop’s Lizzy Acker - who I didn’t know had a website until now - recently created this nifty Zeega for Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.”

I’m nothing if not a sucker for new storytelling tools, so I tried putting together a Zeega using the GIFs and photos from our story this week about what it’s like to battle a UFC star. The story features News10’s Ryan Yamamoto in the ring with ultimate fighting champ Urijah Faber.

You can check out the result of my work below. Zeega’s new and needs some work - I couldn’t get audio or images to upload via drag-and-drop, the layer functionality got in the way of my presentation and I felt constrained by the vertical editing area. Still, it shows exciting potential. I love that Zeega allows for multimedia storytelling in a relatively smooth slideshow format. It’s not clunky, it doesn’t require Javascript and - thank God - it’s not Flash-based.

The soundtrack for my Zeega was inspired by this South Park episode.

UPDATE: OK, so the Zeega embed seems to need work as well. The iframe height and width is automatically set to 100%, which creates a very short embed. I manually set the height and width to 500pxish, and that seems to work on web. I’m sure it looks odd on mobile, though.

If my project looks a bit funky to you, try clicking here and seeing it on Zeega.com.